Terms of Use and Copyright Policy

Images that are not in the downloads section of this website MAY NOT BE USED by any person or website other than iNet USA Designs. Images means buttons, backgrounds, and interfaces that are offered as resources by this site.

The use of images and other resources created by iNet USA Designs in the student pages of this site may be used by students for a personal, non commercial purposes. Examples include student papers, mid term, or final projects, and classroom assignments.

The credit comments on all of my templates may not be removed by anyone or you will be in violation of these terms and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you wish to use an image or resource created by iNet USA Designs for commercial purposes you must e-mail me for permission. Specify which image or resource you want to use in your e-mail, and state how it will be used. The decision to allow or disallow use of the resources on this site will be at my total discretion.

If permission is granted for commercial purposes you will receive an
e-mail from me which will entitle you to a one-time, non-transferable use for the project you specify. You MAY NOT give the image to someone else, sell it, or display it on your site as your creation.