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The search engine optimization that I do is different from what you will find elsewhere. You will not have a monthly bill for these services. I will optimize your website one time and I will do it the right way.

Many companies that only do SEO have you to pay a great deal each month to have your website come up at the top of the list in the search engines. In turn they pay the search engines a portion of that to list your site at the top. You could do that on your own and bypass the middle man; but you would still have a monthly bill.

I optimize your website by doing the things the search engines like within the HTML code. I create clean code or clean up existing code if you already have a website. Search engines want clean HTML code. I dot all the T's and cross all the I's within the code...another thing the search engines like.

I never try to fool the search engines. When you try to fool the search engines it only causes problems. When the search engines change their algorithm your ranking plummets. So does your bottom line profit.

Many web developers do not know how to do search engine optimization but I do. All of my customers come up well in the search engines and they only paid for SEO one time. You deserve for your website to come up well too. I do not guarantee that you will come up on page one in the search engines. I do guarantee you will come up better than you are coming up now, unless of course, your ranking is already good. But if you are paying monthly for that...I can help.

I would love to make your website rank higher in the search engines without you having to pay a monthly bill. I am located near Raleigh, NC but I can optimize your site regardless of your location. Please contact me and let's get your website noticed online.

Contact me today so your website will rank well in the search engines.

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